LI&PRA is born from the union of Prati Group S.p.a. and the Swiss company LI&CO AG.
We develop, create and produce cutting-edge products in the world of floating flooring and interior and exterior finishing, capable of creating modern and refined spaces.
The innovative design and customized solutions offer the possibility of creating innovative projects, without giving up the guarantee of high production quality that comes from many years of experience in the decoration of contract and private environments.

The company turns 60 and celebrates by inaugurating a new experience: Li&Pra Suite.

2023 marks 60 years of the company’s presence in the area. Despite the progressive diffusion of the company’s products and services both in Italy and abroad, the Reggio Emilia area, with the commercial and administrative offices, the warehouses, the showroom and the production of digitally printed wallpapers, remains the beating heart of Li&Pra .

To further enhance the headquarters, four bedrooms with fully functional bathrooms were created which fully recreate the hotel and B&B experience. Completely decorated with company-produced materials, the Li&Pra Sute can be experienced at 360° as a place of inspiration and design.


In Bosco di Scandiano (RE) headquarters begins the production of digitally printed wallpapers.

Wallpaper is a sector that the company has loved ever since it took its first steps in the area.

The continuous technological development and the search for eco-sustainable solutions but with a strong and versatile design, have led Li&Pra to dedicate an entire area to the design and production of wallpaper that can be customized with digital printing.

Thus, the dreams and inspirations of private individuals and designers begin to come to life on the walls, making wallpaper a fundamental furnishing element for the environment.


Li&Pra LAB is born: a space where innovation is everyday life.

Marketing and communication have always played an important role in Li&Pra.

The creativity and innovation that distinguish the company’s products are declined each time on support materials such as catalogues, brochures, exhibitors and web content.

Li&Pra LAB is an area dedicated to development and innovation: a space dedicated to design and communication, able to offer customized design solutions to customers and marketing tools that are always up-to-date and in step with the times.

Logo Li&Pra lab

The birth of a large group.

On the 18th of October 2018 LI&PRA is born.

The merge of Prati Group S.p.A. and the Swiss company LI&CO AG. creates a union that gives rise to a new international logistic centre based in Bosco di Scandiano (Reggio Emilia, Italy) with a stronger sales organization linked to the Italian design and the Swiss Made production.

The production site, located in Müstair (the plant covers an area of ​​42,000 square meters, of which 26,000 of production space with innovative systems that fully respect the environment.

LI&PRA combines the foundations and experiences of two innovative companies, with the aim of becoming a big player in the market.

The main goal is to create new solutions that can make every environment beautiful, pleasant, relaxing, unique and exclusive.


Functional and emotional. A showroom is born.

In October 2017 the Prati Group Showroom & Academy is born. An exhibition area created inside a former industrial building of ​​over 1500 square meters in which, through an emotional journey, one can admire the whole collection of indoor and outdoor floors and wallcoverings and the whole range of applications in paintings and glazes of a very high quality in addition to the innovative wallpapers and decorative frames.

The recreation of environments such as hotel rooms, SPA areas, and living areas have been design using all the products Prati Group offers. These environments represent only a few proposals, but one can admire the versatility of the products combined together in order to create an integration between the different materials.

Design, innovation and creativity takes the visitor to a very special journey. This whole project called “INTEGRATED” is the result of many years of experience and the choice of right partners with high quality products. The exhibition showcases all the main products and brands Prati Groups provides for flooring and paints – Lithos Egger, Floover, CdColor, Lucite and Delta, …so the visitor whether he is an interior designer, a craftsman, an architect or a retailer is able to see every product and is involved in the use of the various materials, colours and finishes chosen to characterize a certain environment.

Inside the Showroom there is also a space dedicated to training, called Academy, in which professionals can always stay up to date on the latest products and their application techniques.

New reference point for professionals

In June 2012, Prati Colori & Vernici is born to market the entire Colour division of the company.. The brand thus identifies the distribution of leading European brands for interior and exterior housing and building finishes.

At a local level Prati Group reinforces its presentce the following year opening Parma as a sales point which together with the historical site in Reggio Emilia aims to strenght the local presence and cover the provinces of Reggio and Parma at a high commercial and logistic levels with a qualified sales and technical team. .

2012-negozio Prati Home

Not just laminates …

In 2006 a new adventure begin. Thanks to the potentiality and flexibility of the new production plant, and the constant pursuing of goals of the Prati Group towards the technological innovation and quality improvement. With a huge investment, the company is now able to offer an infinite range of decors, colours and materials introducing absolutely evolved and unpublished product solutions in the market.

. . .

. .

2003-inaugurazione hortus

Design goes outdoors.

In 2003 the company decided to undertake a new journey. The HORTUS project is born from the need to transfer the design outdoors with the same care and attention that is been used in the interior design until now.

Thus, the production of an outdoor collection of wooden floors begins to provide elegance, n originality and to take nature to outdoor areas such as swimming pools, terraces, gardens, patios and outdoor restaurants, spa and wellness centres.

The production site, created in a large shed not far from the headquarters, also in Bosco di Scandiano (RE), has a capacity of over 600,000 pieces a year.


A new era begins.

In 1999 the company began to turn its attention to the laminate flooring sector. The LITHOS brand is born, a new division with a new management and a new commercial structure.

The company enters the glue-free flooring market with the introduction of a complete range of laminate floors. Its image – the wolf cub – becomes the main character of this new division. A strong bond with nature and a strong personality for a collection of products that soon conquer the market nationwide.

This project soon proved to be a success and led to significant growth for the company which, consequently, further expanded its headquarters in Bosco di Scandiano (RE).

fiera Prati Parati Diffusion

The expansion begins achieving regional level.

Given the increase in the products handled and the interest also at a regional level, it became necessary to transfer the company to a larger structure.

The company moves to a new headquarters in Bosco di Scandiano (Reggio Emilia) with a new logistics structure, Prati Group focuses on the wholesale of interior and exterior finishing products.

After a few years, the organisation is restructured to aim for a growth throughout the region. The company then specializes in the sector of paints, varnishes and similar products representing exclusive European brands. The company specializes in the paint, varnish and similar sector with exclusive brands.

Prati Parati magazzino 1

Everything began in a small paint factory …

In 1963, thanks to the will of Amos and Sauro brothers, Prati company was born. Strengthened by an experience already matured in the finishing sector, they created a small family-run paint factory in the heart of the city of Reggio Emilia with an operational level strictly local.

The professional and technical skills of the two founders have transformed the store into a real point of reference in the area.

The historic sales point of the company has always been kept active and only in January 2012 was it completely renovated with a new and modern showroom.



Company, employees and suppliers are required to carry out all company activities with rigor and professionalism. Each is required to provide an adequate work contribution to the role held, in order to ensure high quality standards in the delivery of the products and services offered.

Transparency and honesty

Interpersonal relationships between all employees, collaborators, customers
and suppliers are based on criteria and behavior, of correctness, collaboration, loyalty, transparency and mutual respect.


Company, employees and collaborators abide by
compliance with and application of the Company Regulations
and the safety standards required
by current legislation.


The company’s social commitment develops in various areas, from solidarity to sporting and ecological.

Our help has reached prisons, schools, hospitals and places where talents are cultivated. With Giuliano Razzoli we have tamed the mountains, leaving indelible furrows in the snow and in the hearts of winter sports enthusiasts. We sat on the sidelines, supporting our city’s teams, letting ourselves be carried away by their enthusiasm as they passed different but equally important balls between their hands and feet.

We crossed national borders by flying to Africa and bringing help to those most in need. We gave a voice to women, to all of them. We constantly fight against gender inequality, convinced that there is no strong and weak sex, but that each of us has particular talents and unexpressed potential that is just waiting for a favorable environment in which we can develop.

We cultivate art, beauty, in all those expressive forms that make us human.

We are constantly committed to safeguarding the delicate balance of our planet: we do it responsibly, being the first to develop ecological and low environmental impact solutions and policies.


Li & Pra is not only a company but also and above all a group of people linked by solid relationships: a family ready to face the daily challenges within a rapidly evolving market.

In Li & Pra it is the team that makes the difference, men and women, ready to continually get involved to offer the customer the highest quality of service, boys and girls who are not afraid to put their face to it because they believe in what they do. Let yourself be carried away by the enthusiasm of the Li & Pra family, consult the company profile.


From this principle, the collaboration between Li&Pra and some of the most esteemed international artists, architects and designers was born. The combined knowledge, skills and sensibility of each of them is condensed into a succession of original achievements that interpret different facets of the world in a singular and never mundane key.


Floating floors in laminate or lvt, ecological and to be installed quickly and easily.

Innovative and customizable solutions perfect for contract&hospitality.

Wallpaper and wall coverings that can be totally customized according to design needs.
Made in Germany painting systems of superior quality, innovative and customizable.