Li&Pra Suite

The new face of hospitality

Li&Pra Suite is the most extraordinary of the Experiences born from the pioneering spirit of the company.

The area was born from the redevelopment of what was once the caretaker’s house and which today is a complex of 4 bedrooms with bathrooms fully functional and designed down to the smallest detail.
The goal was to create real places that arouse authentic emotions.

The environments, completely decorated with Li&Pra products, highlight the company’s ideals and research areas: from environmental sustainability to technological research, to guarantee increasingly high-performance materials for surface coverings.

Li&Pra Suite is not just an exhibition space, but they are places to live, breathe, touch and caress with your gaze.

“When instinct takes shape in the real world.”

The SENSATION ROOM wants to accompany the visitor in a delicate atmosphere where every detail has been designed to be caressed with the eyes and fingers.

“Design drops that resist the stubbornness of water”

The DROP ROOM is a bit like a bubble, born from the crashing of the waves on the rocks. A room with small spaces but which opens up to new worlds offering new visions of the world.

“The genius of man at the service of nature.”

The GREEN ROOM represents our commitment to the future. A room that looks to sustainability without falling into the banality of a cheap aesthetic.

“Elegance and simplicity for delicate souls.”

The COMFORT ROOM is a real suite. Born to amaze, it presents itself as a light and veiled space where the soft lights enhance the ethereal textures.



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